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Hydraulics machines - Background information about how hydraulics works, and samples of cool things you can make with a class pack


Areas of information - each section has pictures that are free to use in school projects!

All areas will be updated as new material is added, so please come back and check for new information!

Welcome to our education support website.

We have posted information that is useful for students and teachers who are interested in learning more about the kits, how they can be used, and other interesting ideas that give background information about our lines. The pictures and documents are copyrighted by Pathfinders, but are free to use for educational purposes. If you would like to make money by using them, please contact us first. This web site is a work in progress, so some pages may not have much up yet, but we are working on it!

Automata - some of the cool automata that students in our classes have made.

Bridges - some links to nice pictures of the three varieties of moving bridges we make.

Leonardo Da Vinci  - information about Leonardo’s catapults.

Medieval Siege Engines  - this area has background about siege engines from the medieval time

Free plans - a variety of pdf’s that you can download an use to make your own models, or make the best use of the models we sell

Pathfinders donates 1% of sales to protect and enhance the natural environment.

The Robotic Arm is now here.

We will be updating our web site to give you more information about the use of this kit in STEM programs, and ideas for home schoolers soon!