Hydraulics in Action

Hydraulic Machines in our neighbourhood!

Grabbers and Excavators


Here are a variety of hydraulics machines at work. We have been busy videoing machines we see all around us here in Victoria, Canada.

If you know a cool video - or have taken a video yourself, please let us know and we’ll put a link to it!

Notice how the pistons are placed close to the fulcrum, so a small movement in the slave piston makes a long swing of the excavator arm.

Most excavators have two pistons holding up the main arm, and one for the other arms, since all of the weight is on that main one!

Ferry terminals and the ferries themselves have hydraulics all over the place!

The long walkways move up and down with one long piston that sticks up through the top - very cool!

The huge doors at the front of the ferry move on rollers and swing in a beautiful arc as they open and close.

Bin loader

This is a cool bin loader. We have some pictures in the pictures section and a model we made in the classroom inventions page.

Grabbers and Excavators


Mini Front end Loader

This mini front loader has a neat swinging bar that supports the main arm and keeps the loader shovel in place. You can use cardboard to make shovel, and the whole moving arm for that matter. Reinforce it with duct tape and it will be great!

This small extending crane was lifting some tires into a dump truck. The position of the attachment of the pistons is interesting and the telescoping arm is very cool. This would be hard to make with the class pack, since the syringes only extend 5 cm and there would be friction with the inner piece. But machines like this are a challenge that we rise to!

Look for the close-up pictures in the Hydraulic Machine Photos section

Small extending Crane