Hydraulics Machines



Hydraulics makes the world work in so many places it is hard to believe. From the garden variety excavators and scissor lifts we see at construction sites, to the tiny robotic arms used in factory assembly lines, they are widely used for heavy, light, and repetitive work.

Class Pack Support

If you are using a Pathfinders class pack, we have a few places to go:

Engineering Design Process - this excellent 4 minute video is great to show kids before a hydraulics class, to get them thinking about the design process. Click on the word VIEW on the left of the page http://www.teachersdomain.org/resource/phy03.sci.engin.design.desprocess/

Check out our hydraulics machines videos, and see machines in action!

Plans and Sketches-  this page gives ideas about some cool machines you can make.

Classroom Hydraulic Machines inventions - A gallery of the machines that students have made over the past few months. Some great ideas!

New! Hurling with hydraulics - We are compiling some new machines that we have seen made by the kids that use the power of fluids to throw things (small things mind you, not toasters)

Videos - Using the robotic arm plans, the Colegio John F Kennedy IED in Colombia  did a classroom project watch HERE


Hydraulics - fun in a piston!

Our local Ferry terminal is full of hydraulic machines and lifts. Go to our Hydraulics Machines section for more close-up pictures of the Swartz Bay Ferry terminal.