Free Plans and tips


Robotic arm - these plans are good if you have access to tools and parts. It is not too hard to make, but uses 6 - 5 ml syringes, and you should have a drill press to make sure the holes can be nicely lined up. Unfortunately we can get them loaded on this site, so you have to go HERE to get them.

Plans for making hydraulics machines

Dragon automata  - some pictures about painting the dragon, and the base.

Tips for your kits - sorry we don’t have them up yet, but will do so as soon as we can!

Rolling hydraulic bridge - this is an uber project, aimed at the upper high school and University crowd. You need a lot of syringes, but when done it rules! NOTE: We hope to have this up in the summer of 2016!

Hydraulic Sketches - No real plans here, but these are line drawings of some cool things we have made with the pieces in the hydraulics class pack kit

Robotic arm - here is a cool video sent to us by a school in Bogota Columbia - where they made the arm as a class project.


Meanwhile, watch these three videos and see if you can work out how the tail lifts work on trucks. Then get designing!