Bridges - here are 3 types of cool moving bridges



There are more of course, but here is some background on the three we make

We have a sample of bridges here, with some You Tube video as well. A comprehensive web site about bridges and structures is Nicolas Janberg’s Structurae, It is rather slow and cumbersome, but has a huge assortment of moving bridges from around the world.

For sure if you are studying bridge you have to visit the PBS site Building Big - a great place to have some interactive bridge fun (yes that is possible!)

If you are studying bridges this site for students of Clifton State High School has excellent resources for teachers  and students! Well worth the time to explore! Used by their students, but great information in the individual grades tabs for anyone studying bridges.

Here is a cool bridge in the Netherlands, some designer is having fun!

This is a very interesting footbridge in Paddington, in the UK. We will post plans for making a simple one here in the next while. We made a few in our studio.

Here is Heatherwick’s Studio video of their bridge:

A cool footbridge in London

OK it is not a bridge, but I thought it was cool and innovative.